Our Expertise



Is your ACOS in line with other sellers? Are you paying too much in long-term storage fees? Are you actually making a profit after paying for commissions, fulfillment, and all of Amazon’s other fees?
We can analyze this in total and by SKU for your business. Utilizing A2X or our custom-built software, we can determine how profitable each of your products truly is.



Having trouble calculating Cost of Goods Sold? Are you unsure if your inventory is being properly tracked? Do you know the difference between cash and accrual accounting (and why you want to be on accrual if you’re ever planning to sell your business)?

We’ve got you covered. Our firm specializes in making sure your financials are clean and accurate, allowing us to analyze profitability and choose when (or if) to sell your business.


Woocommerce, bigcommerce, ebay, walmart, and everything else

Yes, we’ve been there and done that for all the major online marketplaces. No matter where you sell, we can help you out.